Twelve Basic Asanas

- According to the Sivananda Tradition of Classical Hatha Yoga-

A balanced yoga class moves the spine in every direction to give the body an equal stretch to each part. The 12 Yoga postures of a Sivananda Yoga class stretch the upper spine forward and backward , the middle spine forward and backword , and the lower spine forward and backward . The final postures give a twist to the spine and stretch the spine from side to side. There are always balancing postures in every class as well.

At the end of a class or personal practice, if we have practiced equally in this way, we can feel as if we haven't done anything at all; a very soothing state of balance. There is a sense of completeness. As this is what most of us are striving for, this systematic method, brought to the west from India by Swami Vishnudevananda, is a complete practice, oriented towards balance, strength and inner peace. Combined with Pranayama (breathing exercises), and Savasana (relaxation) we have a powerful set of tools with which to build and structure our bodies and minds and truly transform our lives. A beginners Intensive or Class will allow you to explore the technique of each Yoga asana (posture) shown below and many more variations of these twelve basic asanas.

Below are the twelve basic asanas along with their sanskrit names and english translation.

1.HeadstandSirsasana, Headstand

2.ShoulderstandSarvangasana, Shoulderstand



3. PloughHalasana, Plough Pose



4.Fish PoseMatsyasana, Fish Pose




5.Forward Bend Pachimotanasa, Sitting Forward Bend



6.CobraPoseBhujangasana, Cobra Pose




7.LocustSalabhasana, Locust Pose



8.Bow PoseDhanurasana, Bow Pose



9.Half Spinal Twist Arthamatsyendrasana, Half Spinal Twist



10.Crow PoseKakasana, Crow Pose



11.Standing forward bend Padahastasana, Standing Forward Bend



12.Triangle Pose Trikonasana, Triangle Pose